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Favorite Saints That Have Become Leaders of the Catholic Church (Popes)

Throughout history, there is an evergrowing list of saints who were formerly popes or have been named as the leaders of the Catholic Church and according to sources in the world wide web there are now a total of 82 popes that were named saints (Correct me, if I am wrong or mistaken with the number). Now, let me ask who is your favorite pope-saint and why such a choice? Personally, however, I name two as my favorites, Pope John Paul II and Saint Peter, the very first Pope of the Catholic Church as my favorites. 


  • As I have mentioned my two favorite Popes that have become saints are Pope John Paul II and St. Peter, the first Pope of the Catholic Church. This is because they have set the examples for me to be God fearing always, humble and obedient to His will as guided by the scriptures and the word of God.
  • Is that outlined in scripture? Doesn't the catholic bible have the apocrypha in it? They lean on man made traditions and not on Christ. God said the bible is spiritually discerned. No one can understand it unless they've been saved.
  • There is, to my knowledge, absolutely no evidence that St. Peter was a pope, nor any evidence that St. Peter started the Catholic Church, if there is such evidence, please present it.
  • Well, my friend first Pope or not, although it is written by most sources in the internet and other books as traditionally the first Pope in the Church's long history, he still stands as one of my most favorite Pope Saint and I guess I am entitled to my opinion and belief right? This issue about whether Peter is the first Pope or not is a whole topic altogether and maybe discussed in another separate forum or topic but as of now this is what I believe and my opinion stays as it is.
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