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Society shaping religion

In the past religion shaped society, with the growth of social media, society's influence has grown. The media can influence and push politicians, businesses and religious leaders in ways we never imagined were possible. The world has become open and the power of churches has been shifted to the people. The Roman Catholic Church should not be influenced by society. The church should take a stand against pressure to modernize. As GOD has not changed, is the same today and forever, so should be the church. The church should stay true to it's principles lest it loses its foundation of truth.


  • In
    a way society has shaped world religion as it has helped influence the minds of
    its leaders especially for those issues that require special attention as these
    are truly sensitive. On the other hand, religion has played also a role in
    shaping the landscape of society of many nations from the past to the present
    because whether we like it or not, people are influenced by the church’s power
    to convince about pressing issues about Life, Love and Faith.

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    I do not like this. I think religion should shape society and we'd be much better off. Not the other way around.
  • I agree the church should stay the same, or it risks losing what it stands for. I have been a Catholic for all my life and the thought of my church changing and bowing to societal conformity does not sit well with me. The church should stand true and firm in what it is.
  • I also agree. There are certain tenets the church was built on, and those are unshakable. The church should stand as a beacon of hope among the ever swaying and changing morals of society. Society is becoming more flexible with regard to right and wrong, but just because society says something is right, doesn't meant it is. 
  • That is the reason that the pope is so idolized by the masses. He conforms to the world and secular standards, rather than to God's word and preaching Jesus Christ. He wants the praises of men more than the truth of God to be out there. He promotes things the bible is against.
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