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Pope Francis with a Big Move on the Immigration Crises


Pope Francis has called on every European parish to host at least one migrant family in lieu of the current crises arising across Europe and the world as refugees flee Syria. Great move on his part and it's what the Church should be doing, thoughts?


  • I think this is a wonderful idea.  Again Pope Francis has proven that he is not only a man of peace but a man of action.  It's one thing for news media to tell us to donate money.  but where it that money actually going and who will it help.  But then we have Pope Francis again taking real action and asking for those in European Parishes to take in the immigrant families.  Now that is taking true action and a good plan at that.  Again I must commend Pope Francis.  
  • We pray that the crisis will be over. By welcoming the refugee families, we show love to those affected. We should also teach them on how to pray and encourage them to go to church or mosques. Let us help those in need since we might need the same help later!
  • This is great idea. I think the church is not only a place for worship, but also a place for the needy. During typhoons in our country, the churches take in citizens who have no other places to go. The church becomes an evacuation area. The refugee families would certainly appreciate this gesture by the Pope. It is also a very radical idea but do-able. I hope the churches follow the Pope's idea.
  • This should be the right call by the Pope and pretty much shows the action orientation by the Pope that seeks results. I also think that this is a responsibility of the church and that we should uphold the rights of those who really need our help. A really good gesture indeed by the Pope.
  • They should focus on the government being run there instead. Fix the root of the problem.
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    Wait a minute. I am not a racist but we have to understand that those migrants from Syria (if that is what the Pope meant) are mostly Arab in descent and Muslims in belief. It's not wrong albeit it is admirable for a Catholic church to take care of a family with a different religion. But there are notions that those migratory people are suspect of being invaders. So is it migration or invasion? Perhaps we should clear up  that issue first before rolling out the carpet of hospitality to the Syrian refugees.
  • Many people believe that the recent attacks in France were related to the recent immigration. That will make many fear taking in refugees and avoid them completely. How can we know
    that the people we have given refuge are not terrorists? Do the police track former records of refugees before they can allow them in our countries?
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    You have a point there, @Francis, that the French in general will be turned off by the migrants from Syria, they might suspect them to be part of the terrorist group. But I don't believe that the Paris attack is related to that. ISIS had clearly warned of attacks on civilians so it is what we are having. Maybe we can be discerning on the migrant issue because I also understand that Syrians have nowhere to go but they need to get out from their war-torn country.
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