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The Pope's visit to New York

For those of us in New York City, I heard on the evening news that his schedule has been set, and tickets to his appearance in Central Park will be available by lottery.  Details will be available through calling 311.  Start your engines!


  • Good for you guys over in NY. I wish the pope would come visit us too. I am sure his appearance at Central Park will be broadcast and can only imagine the crowd that will turn up to see him. 
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    That's awesome! I would love to hear him speak in person. I am sure it would be a once in a lifetime experience!
  • There was a huge mural painted of the pope on the side of a building overlooking central park in new York city.  People need to stop making this mere man an idol. He's not God. There's so much idolatry with this man it's sickening.
  • ... and I have tickets for Friday!  Going to head in as early as I can, as they're expecting a huge crowd.  Pretty sure it will be a well-behaved crowd though...
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    Congrats those of you who have tickets, I'm jealous! I hope it's a wonderful experience for you and the event is safe and protected.
  • I really don't like crowds, and since Pope Francis is so popular, there will no doubt be record numbers in attendance. Congratulations to those who will be attending. I'm sure there will be quite a bit of press coverage, so those of us not in attendance will get to see and hear some of what goes on there. 
  • This is a great chance for the Pope to share his wisdom and warmth with the Americans and his message of oneness and unity with all people over the world. I am very excited to see the Pope and will again be waiting and hoping that he visit us again here in Asia in the coming months for he is truly an inspiration to all of us.
  • Since his presence will be felt in New York and will be seen in numerous countries and territories, chances are he will be able to reach more audiences of both Christians and non Christians the world over. By way of this, he will be able to convey the message of God to a lot of individuals who he cannot reach due to the distances of each of our countries.
  • The Pope has done a lot in letting the world know God's teachings by travelling to many places and sharing the good news. It is now in our hands to be inspired and live the life that he is teaching us and that is to be kind and loving to our fellow men.
  • When Haiyan ravaged the Philippines, Pope Francis came a few months after that huge storm. He prayed and brought the people together, both rich and poor. The mass that he held in Leyte (the strongest hit by Haiyan) reached to every ear, every heart of the people who was there and even the ones who were just viewing the mass in their tv sets at home. New York is blessed that Pope Francis is going there, bringing a message that will unite people from all walks of life.
  • It's encouraging to see so many feeling personally affected by the visit of Pope Francis. It seems religion and faith have fallen away in the past few decades, and hopefully this will renew the faith of at least some, and cause lasting effects, since those people can affect others long after the Pope's visit. 
  • I wish I was in New York at that time. I would of been honored to meet The Pope. 
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    The Pope has tried a lot in uniting people worldwide. Nobody thought that he could go to Cuba, as he did. He is heading to Africa next month. If will start visiting Kenya and then Uganda. We commend him for his good work. I have never seen him face to face but hope to see him one day.
  • That would be a pretty unique experience. I would love to buy tickets to see the Pope, but at the same time I don't think I could see myself spending money to do so. He is a man and although I love what he stands for, I do not feel like I need to pay money to see him make a speech. I feel like it'd be so much easier to watch online or experience it through television. I cannot handle the large crowds either.
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