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Which Pope do you relate to the most?

Pope John Paul II and I share the same birthday and I relate to his compassion, openness and wandering spirit that's also associated to those born in the flowering month of May. :) Besides that his encyclicals always talked about kindness and charity towards others especially if you are more fortunate in life than them.

So who's your favorite Pope? Anyone in history that particularly interested you?


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    I love John Paul II as well. He, like Francis, was a people's Pope. He was also the Pope my entire time growing up and he visited my city at one point.
  • John Paul takes the cake. He is the most memorable Pope of all time. Francis has almost similar ideals too but is not quite there yet. He is doing a good job though.
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    As other have said, JPII. I grew up with him as pope. However, Pope Francis has done, so far, a very good job in my opinion. So, we shall see in the long run.
  • I agree with others' comments that there is a lot to admire about Pope John Paul II; however, based on the way things are going so far, I would say I most relate to Pope Francis.  I love that he is the first Jesuit Pope.  I am Jesuit educated and really appreciate and value their teachings.  Some more liberal Catholics seem to appreciate Pope Francis because of comments he has made about supporting the gay and lesbian community, non-traditional families, women who have had abortions, etc., but I look at it a little differently.  I don't think his teachings are any different than the way I was raised as a Catholic, which is that even if you don't agree with the decisions of others, you should still accept them, treat them with kindness and welcome them into the church with open arms.  Pope Francis is more willing to talk about these things than others and I appreciate the message he sends to accept all, regardless of where the path of their life has taken them.
  • I think I also relate most to John Paul II, mainly due to the fact that he was the Pope the longest in my life time. However, I do find things about Pope Francis also easy to relate to.  In short time he has held this office he has tried to make himself a Pope of the people.  He has gone about trying to make peace in places where there wasn't any before.  He has reached out to those in need, He also seems to want to take the church into the next century.  I would say that he has made himself a good successor of Pope John Paul II.  
  • Like most of you guys I relate best to Pope John Paul II also because he was very outgoing and has been to the Philippines twice. He was also the pope when I was growing up so he was the pope that I really looked up to. The current Pope Francis is alike me in that we are both Francis although he is Mario Bergoglio in real life.
  • I was born in the late 1970s so, Pope John Paul II was the pope I've known the longest. Throughout his ministry and all the talks he had with world leaders, he was a man of great wisdom and heart. A man of silent strength and a follower of Christ. He was one of the personalities that I looked up the most even up to this very time. 
  • John Paul II always had my heart. He seemed to have such a gentle spirit and heart, and really struck a chord in me. It could be that he reminded me of my gentle grandmother, but he truly seemed to encompass the spirit of Jesus, and made me want to become a better person.
  • None. Because popes are not biblical. They're like modern day Pharisees except worse because they don't even believe or live by the word of God.
  • Pope Francis is one because I am also named Francis although I know that his is his adopted name when he was appointed Pope and was to assume office in the Vatican. I know that his birth name is Mario Begoglio. I also relate myself with Pope John Paul II because of his kindness and purity of heart.
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