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What can you say about Pope Francis environmental encyclical Laudato Si'?

"Laudato Si': On Care for our Common Home" is the first papal encyclical in the sense that: 
(1) it is the first that targets climate change (which reflects strongly of his personal advocacies and why he chose 'Francis' as his pontifical name);
(2) It is addressed to all people of race, color, and religion (and not just bishops, as custom); and,
(3) It is the first of its kind that not preaches on Catholic doctrine, but instead calls to action on the issue of climate change in a universal tone

As a Catholic and someone who studied in a Franciscan institution, I was very happy that Pope Francis is living up to his reputation and keeping a fresh, lively approach on everything.  Climate change is indeed a serious issue that everyone should focus on.  He's one cool pope in my book and I'm definitely looking forward to his next encyclical.

How about you?  Do you find Laudato Si relevant in this day and age?  What is your opinion on this?


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    I agree with you on the importance of adressing climate change by the Pope. I hope this draws attention to this menace that is threatening to take over the entire globe. Yeah, Pope Francis is one cool one!
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    This is a crucial issue that needs attention. We have a duty as stewards of creation to preserve and appreciate the world around us.
  • This really is an important issue. We are mainly caretakers of the world. We do not own anything here. And it is very saddening to see the rivers polluted, disasters of the natural kind and even man made ones. All the things we did, we are now facing the consequences. I think the Pope is right in that we need to act together to solve this issue.
  • It is a really bold stand because the environment is just as important to us as with our own morality. People, especially young people must realize that in order for the human race to survive, the world around us must first be respected and taken care of. If that doesn't happen, life on this earth will not be possible.
  • Laudato Si stressed the fact that we need to act on the very pressing issue on climate change as this should be acted upon immediately because of the potential effects of this condition to the future of the earth. It is very nice to know that the Pope is very much concerned with the environment as he is with our morality.
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