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The Naysayers

Despite Pope Francis' popularity, there are always going to be some naysayers.  I've heard in his case it's some of the hardcore, old-school Catholics who think he's destroying the church. 

There's another group who say he's really no different from Benedict; he's just more media savvy and will manipulate the press into making himself look progressive while never changing anything.

And then there's yet another group going around posting pictures of Francis picking his nose.  (Yes, really!)


  • The old adage, you can't please everyone is really true. No matter how good your intentions are. There will always be people who will doubt you and stone you. This is true in all situations. It is especially true to people of leadership and power.This is not news and I'm pretty sure that the good Pope expected this. He is more exposed to social media and his using it to his advantage to reach more people and have them join in for prayer and unity. How could that gesture destroy the Church? And him picking his nose is a natural human condition the last I checked.
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    The Pope is a human being the fact that people are posting pictures of him picking his nose just humanizes him more. 

    There are many denominations to Christianity that don't follow the Vatican or the Papacy but are close to the teachings of the Bible. There will always be groups out there that are not in the same league as yours but talking bad about them will just lower you to their level. Go out and kill them with kindness I say and follow the path of Pope Francis.
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    There will always be those who look for the negative in almost everyone. These should not dump our hope in Pope Francis as he will still go on to achieve much for humanity. 
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    There will always be such people. Just have to ignore the "haters" and look at the positive.
  • Well, in my opinion Pope Francis certainly isn't Benedict, far from it.  Sorry, I wasn't the least bit impressed with Benedict but I am impress with Pope Francis.  He really seems to be a Pope of the people.  He wants to try to bring the church forward by being a leader that people can turn to and is approachable. As for those who want to hate on him, as others have said not everyone is gong to be pleased, the main thing is that there are those who are pleased with him and his service as Pope.  
  • Well, naysayers are normally around picking people who are known world wide. This goes to show that the Pope is really famous. I also think that having so, is healthy since the Pope and the world will know the problems and points that need to be addressed as the naysayers provide a clue on what to prioritize and what actions should be done. 
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    Everybody farts. You HAVE TO, or else your stomach will explode (although they're usually the 'silent' variety, '-and-deadly' only sometimes  :-& )

    Us NON-famous people usually do that (and other "inappropriate things") out-of-public-view. The Pope doesn't have that luxury as often as the rest of us. If all the celebrities started 'running off-camera whenever they had to go and be "human,"' we would almost-never get a complete statement out of any of them!
  • There are also naysayers, if that's what you want to call them, who actually read and follow the bible. Those who are actually born again saved. They call it like they see it!
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