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Who is your favorite saint?

We all have our own favorite church hero. Mine would be St Francis of Assisi. Caretaker of animals and a man of God. One of the ones that possessed the holy wounds of Christ, the Stigmata. Founder of the Franciscan Order.


  • Posts: 56
    My favorite saint is St. Ignatius due to his passion as a soldier, hermit and missionary. He was rich, handsome and famous but gave it all up for a life with God. I also read about his meditations and the Spiritual Exercises he did while alone in a cave. He's really inspired me to give up a life of possessions and put my faith in God.
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    My favorite saint is San Lorenzo Ruiz, a Filipino saint. He showed many people how big his faith is to our Lord. He was executed because he didn't want to turn his back to Christianity. Not all people can do that in the name of our Lord. His loyalty and faith to our Lord above has made him who he is right now. A Filipino Saint. And i'm very proud of him.
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    Saint Francis of Assisi. I love his compassion for all living creatures and his was a model everyone should follow.
  • I am named after Sts. Francis and St. Anthony so they are two of my most favorite Saints or church heroes. Another two favorite saints of mine has got to be Sts. Pedro Calungsod and Lorenzo Ruiz as they are both Filipino who I can really relate to and follow the examples they have set.
  • Saint Marceline Champagnat, I went to a Marist Brothers boarding school and one thing I loved was learning about Marceline Champagnat and what he stood for. I wish such selfless people were still alive to impact this world.
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