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Is Pope Francis' popularity due to his resemblance to John Paul II?

I have a theory that part of the reason for Pope Francis' popularity is that he resembles JPII much more than Benedict did, and people are comforted by that because for most of them, John Paul II was pope for the majority of their lives.  Benedict's appearance was, unfortunately, sometimes compared to the evil Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars movies, and may have evoked some negative associations there.  Francis also wears the white cassock and skullcap, whereas Benedict tried to revive more colorful Papal garments; I know I had a "but the Pope is supposed to wear white!" when Benedict first donned the red capelet.


  • I believe that Pope Francis' popularity is due to his openness with other religions. His popularity also stems from his charismatic skill of preaching the faith and his genuine care for the poor. Pope Francis is one for world peace, and would rather that conflict be solved with nonviolent methods. John Paul ll did this too, but his life was sadly cut short. I hope that Pope Francis could lead Christianity to the true teachings of Christ, and that he would convert more people into the faith. His honest care for the world and the amount of effort he makes to make the world a better place makes him a popular pope. 
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    Pope Francis seems like an inherently kind person and you can see it even on picture. He also dresses simply and preserves the tradition of Jesus Christ by being like a teacher to his followers. I love how open Pope Francis is with social media these days and poses for selfies, he really knows the youth. Both popes have a deep well of compassion towards those less fortunate and in need, I definitely see the resemblance. I just wonder how Pope Francis will handle controversial issues though, that will become their big difference because Pope John Paul II always faced them with empathy, understanding, forgiveness and love.
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    I don't think so. People are more aware of the deed rather than the resemblance. Pope Francis do things because he is Pope Francis and not because he wants to be associated with Pope John Paul II. He is praised by a lot of people because of his views and acts. Because his beliefs are Christ like. And because he's an example oh his words. We should not compare people. One is different from the other. 
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    I believe what endears people to Pope Francis are his humane acts. You can resemble someone and be notthing like them so this should not be the riding factor for Pope Francis. 
  • From the moment I heard that he chose the name "Francis" was already a precedent of things to come.  Saint Francis was anything but conventional; he was the paragon of poverty, simplicity and humility, he loves nature and all living things.  

    He's living up to the name, and I'm up in my toes waiting to what he'll do next.
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    In theory, maybe. I think he is similar with regard to the way he speaks and holds himself out to the world. It's never a bad thing to be compared with JPII.
  • Funny I don't see the resemblance between to two men.  I think that Pope Francis has become popular because from the beginning he has come across as an approachable Pope.  Someone who was serving the people as well as the church.  He was someone who came from humble beginnings and never forgot that.  I guess in a way that is how he does resemble Pope John Paul, because he too was a kind man.  He just had some bad circumstances that cut him off from the people such as the shooting that nearly took his life during his reign.  
  • I think Pope Francis has his own personality as to that of Pope John Paul II and honestly they look totally different. I really do not know where this idea came from. They also have different principles although they are alike in being kind, down to earth and outgoing, they are two different people and pope and I do not think that this is the reason why one is famous because of the other. 
  • His popularity is due to the fact that he's godless and unsaved. He deceives the people and puts them under a spell. People are strongly deceived by the pope. He's probably the false prophet in the book of revelation. He promotes a one world religion which is talked about in the book of revelation that's going to happen, he has kissed the quran, etc. He's a deceiver plain and simple.
  • I don't see a physical similarity. I think he's popular because he says what many have been wanting to hear a pope or other religious leader say for a long time. 
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