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Has anyone gotten tickets to Pope Francis' U.S. visit appearances?

I'm hoping to get tickets to see Pope Francis during his visit to New York (or possibly Pennsylvania), but details are sketchy about how they'll be handed out.  Has anyone successfully gotten theirs yet?  How did you do it?


  • I hope not. It's a bunch of idol worship and blasphemy.
  • Posts: 21
    I haven't. He's not coming anywhere near me and I'm not able to travel right now :(
  • Unfortunately I haven't. I will not have the chance to be anywhere even close. I envy those who are able to see him. 
  • I don't for I am in Asia at the moment and as much as I really want to see the Pope in action in the United States to share hope and love to the people of the US and to the world, I will have to settle seeing him live in television because it is the next best thing to being there at the venue with the Pope and be touched by his compassion and love.
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