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Pope's Living Arrangements

Does anyone know if Pope Francis has still refused to move into the Papal suite and continues to live in the hotel on Vatican grounds as he did shortly after being appointed? I thought this was a very humble decision and I hope he's continued to do so. It sets a great example as he chastises priests who live in opulent mansions around the world when the funds should be going to help the poor.
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  • This is exactly why I believe every single thing that Pope Francis preaches. He does not only preach the faith, but he practices what he preaches. This is a big thing for me. It's really hard to believe someone who is not practicing what they preach. Pope Francis' humble decision to refuse living at his exclusive home just comes to show that he does not care about his luxuries. He is more focused on spreading the word of God and making peace around the world. To add to your post, it is said that Pope Francis spends nights sleeping with the poor surrounding the Vatican. Amazing, right? His concern to the poor will be his lasting legacy as a pope. I hope that Pope Francis continues his self-imposed condition of refusing to live in the Papal suite.
  • Humility is a big part of being a priest and also being a man of God. Humility and poverty are two of the basic tenets of priests so I really don't understand why church leaders like cardinals and such operate and live such in such kingly manner. If they are the vicar of Christ, they should be the primary example of emulating the manner in which Christ lived his life. Simplicity and humility, much like Pope Francis.
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    Such is the kind of humility the Bible teaches. In recognising the need not to be taken up so much with things of this world real leadership reflects. I can't think of a better way for the Pope to illustrate better the true meaning of humility. 
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    Pope Francis is setting an example for all priests to live a life of humility, celibacy and love. He knows that many people look up to him and the decisions he makes are making waves throughout the Christian community. He is an ambassador and a leader, a man that you can look up to and feel safe with. He is one with the loving teachings of the Bible and moves with the spirit of Jesus.
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    This is the way our pope should be. Living modestly is part of practicing a humble lifestyle. If the Church expects its priests to do so, then the every member of the clergy all the way to the shop should as well. Literally, practice what you preach. And Pope Francis has done so.
  • The perfect example to all of us to live humbly and having the fear of God. I guess we should all emulate his example. He is not like other priests or other people who preach but then do not practice what they are talking about. This is the perfect of living the talk and not being pretentious.
  • I remember when he visited our country, he didn't sleep in a hotel or any big house. He opted to sleep in a little room in the Apostolic Nunciature here. Such a simple and humble pope he is. A true role model to all other priests and even to us normal people. 
  • I think he is still practicing which but in any case , we can see the Pope's nature of being humble and down to earth. This is what we should do and not live extravagant lives and this is what God teaches us to be and not remain materialistic and instead live simpler lives.. 
  • @zurminister 
    Living a simpler life in this technology driven world is very difficult to do. I know I struggle with this sometimes. You know, when everyone around you seems to be obsessed with material things, somehow you become the same. It is not impossible to live simply, it's just extremely hard. Maybe being the pope as a role model is a great way of being inspired to live a simple life.
  • Hopefully in doing this, he will inspire others to serve as hold outs in the drive to keep up with the Joneses. It's ridiculous how some people will do anything to portray themselves as successful, when many are far from it. I hope Pope Francis' behavior will teach some who don't know better that life is not all about money, but is about caring for others, and reaching out to those in need. 
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