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Third Eagle Of Apocalypse: Vatican Logo Secretly Promotes Gay Marriage

This is ridiculous.  

The "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" says the vatican logo secretly promotes gay marriage.  See: 

Of all the ludicrous things I've heard about the pope this one tops them all!


  • Lunatics trying to paint a bad image of the Church. I'm sure that the actions of Pope Francis does not promote gay marriage, for sure. The pope promotes peace, as opposed to violence. Posts like that are made by ignorant lunatics, and they think they know everything about the Church, which they don't. Christianity promotes peace, and "turning the other cheek". I'm sure that the Vatican's main goal does not relate to promoting gay marriage, that's just crazy! This is one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard about the Church, and this is one of the most pathetic attempt to attack the Church's image. But while saying this, I'm sure Pope Francis would ignore this post and continue spreading the faith.  
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    People will say a lot of bad things about Catholics and the Catholic Church if they get the chance. The U.S. Is becoming dominated by non-denominational churches, usually mega churches with 100's of worshippers. They aren't fond of us at all because we don't embrace their glitz and glamour services. This is just another example of that happening.
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    This is kind of out there. You can spin a lot of things the way you want. Conspiracies are more believeable when there is more than one coincidence.
  • I may not believe that if it is said to be secret. No one can know what the Pope thinks, and if it is secret, how does he promote his ideas? If that happens, then I will not be in a position to support it. We are suppose to live as per the bible and that is clear. The church only supports the bible and can never change it. We must consider our society values when talking about the issue.
  • I don't doubt that whatsoever. The pope is idolized by many, it's the most ungodly business in the world. They are deceivers.
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