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how active is this forum? would love to discuss!

Hi everyone - Im looking for an active forum to discuss Pope Francis! Is this the best place? Blessings!


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    You are in the right place here! This forum discusses everything about Pope Francis. I consider it the best place for anyone seeking to do that!
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    Seems like it is picking up and the forum is named after him!
  • Yes this is definitely the place to discuss anything and everything about the current and beloved Pope, Pope Francis. We can discuss here about his life, his accomplishments so far, our suggestions and anything to do with the daily things in the life of Pope Francis.
  • This is a very active forum indeed. I can say this because there are so many topics in which to talk about in the site and most of the members are contributing their thoughts every now and now. Through each of us in the site will get to learn many things about the life, the actions and the teachings of the Pope that can influence the Catholic Church and the whole world.
  • It's pretty active, but it'd be nice if people posted new topics way more often. There aren't enough coming out regularly.
  • I was also looking for a forum to help me grow in the catholic circle and thank God I landed here. It seems to be active because I see a lot of different topics to be discussed.
  • This is a great place to discuss Pope Francis and everything that has to do with Catholicism. There are many different topics to discuss as well as being able to create new topics for discussion as you have here. The members seem very interested in the subject and give a good variety of topics and views and encourage participation. I am loving this forum and am so glad I found it.
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