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How old is Pope Francis?

How old is Pope Francis?

Best Answer


  • Posts: 21
    76 and still going strong! How I love Pope Francis.
  • He doesn't look a day over 76! Smiling always makes you look and feel younger and Pope Francis just has that appeal to him. Kindness emanates from him. :)
  • Posts: 36
    He absolutely does not look his age. Looks several years younger. The papacy is not an easy position. The more youthful the better!
  • Well he is definitely a young 76 because he does not look his age. This is maybe because of his personality that despite problems that may arise within the church and the worldly affairs, we can always see a smile in the pope's face. He is also very active and that is why he is young in the way he looks and feel.
  • I wasn't aware he was 76. He does seem to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for someone his age. The position does seem to take a toll on popes, but he seems to be holding up quite well. 
  • He's like those people that are old but don't look like they ever age.
  • Posts: 59
    I never new that he is 76years old. Hope God will continue giving him the strength to serve his people. He still fits to be a Pope.
  • That's amazing! I can't believe Pope Francis is 76! He displays himself as being so much younger. I love his sense of humor, and wish that if I live as long as him, that I may have similar strength and stamina. With an agenda as full as his, I don't think I could handle a workload as he does, and I'm 33 years old. God bless him, may he continue to do good in this world, and live a long life. 
  • I had no idea that he was 76 year old! Wow, he doesn't look like he is 76 at all. I would have guessed that he was around 60 or so. That's amazing. 
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