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Pope, in first homily, says Church should focus on Gospels. Do you agree?

Do you agree this was a good first homily?


  • DanDan
    Posts: 12
    yes, and I hope he works on modernizing the interpretation! **==
  • Yes, it was a good first homily, The holy pope, told his flock to focus on the Gospels, the teachings of Jesus Christ. He is calling out to all of us to unite in brotherhood and face the challenges of today with the same compassion and understanding as our Lord. He is calling out to us to open our hearts and mind to the changes brought about by this new age.
  • Posts: 10
    I agree to that. Because the Gospel is the teachings of Christ. The church should inform the people more about what Christ did. In that way people can be aware how to live just as Christ did. And how people should treat others who are judged, in need, sinned and mocked. Nowadays people tend to discriminate people just like that, so I think we have to be kind with one another as what the gospel always says.
  • Posts: 56
    On his first homily Pope Francis is calling us to return to the fundamentals of the Church, one of which is the Gospels. I think it was a very good idea on his side, the teachings of Jesus Christ is both of a loving acceptance and compassion towards others that was rarely the focus of the Old Testament. In his own way Jesus and indeed Pope Francis radicalized the Bible.
  • Posts: 36
    I do. I think those stories are the most important and you can draw the most beneficial lessons from them. The Gospels are accounts of Jesus' action and love for others. That type of attitude needs to be pushed into society and the Church.
  • Yes. The church should first focus on gospel since that is its mandate. That is only when we can be sure that we live in good societies. It should involve everybody in doing so.
  • The
    church should not only focus on the gospels because you cannot in anyway discount
    the teachings from the Old Testament as these books contain the history of how
    God guided the Israelites and God’s people into righteousness. It is without a
    doubt that if the Bible has no Old Testament, then it follows that there will
    be no New Testament and then no Gospels. This is the reason why both the new and
    old testaments alike should be included in the discussions and focus of the

  • By focusing on the gospel I hope he doesn't mean that the church should become a prosperity gospel kind of church, if he believes focusing on the gospels will build our faith as a church then I agree. But I also believe the New Testament without the Old Testament is not giving us as believers a full story.Yes, we can dwell on the Gospels, but how much depth are we putting on them?...How much of the calendar shall be spent on the gospels?. These are the things the Vatican needs to plan with precision and they must pray and meditate on it. Let GOD lead their decision, we rely on their decisions as they are our leaders.
  • He just said Christ's life ended in failure at the cross in one of his speeches. He preaches a false gospel.
  • I agree that the focus needs to be on the entire bible, not simply the gospels. It's important to know what came before, because that is the basis for everything that comes after, and without a solid foundation, things can be misconstrued, and people can be led astray. 
  • When Pope Francis makes special mention of the Gospels, I think he means we (as laity) need to take a more focused approach into discovering the teachings of Jesus Christ. Some folks on here have mentioned that you cannot have a New Testament teaching without including discourse on the Old Testament. If I remember correctly Papa Francesco mentioned Moses during his address to Congress. Furthermore when he says "focus on the Gospels," I believe he is attempting to get us as Christians to connect the dots using the Gospels as a device, to connect said dots. Because salvation through Jesus Christ, the Beatitudes, Sermon on the Mount, etc, are all intrinsically important when understanding the Old Testament. Yes, you cannot have one without the other, but it is the Gospels that provide us our map; because we are waiting for the second coming, not the first. 
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